Cottingham Mortgage Inc. specializes in residential mortgages

We are dedicated to community and personalized service—a true advocate for clients in today’s world of complex financing. Ongoing research and training, an understanding of changing industry guidelines, additional national and state licensing, and a vast knowledge of industry resources, enable my company to offer unequaled step-by-step guidance and exceptionally competitive pricing.

As the picture of today’s real estate environment changes, we see mortgage loans not just as a means to own a home, but instead a financial instrument that must be tied to your long term and short term personal financial plan. This will allow you to create a debt strategy that helps in building long term wealth creation for you and your entire family.

We understand you're making a large commitment, whether buying a new home or refinancing your current home. Our service to you is not only to provide you with competitive rates and costs, but to manage your transaction with the personal care and professional treatment you should expect in today’s market. We work to help you realize that your property is truly a valuable financial tool and investment.

Let us give you the individual attention you deserve and treat you right. We know you're making a commitment in purchasing a home, refinancing, or tapping into your home equity. So we make a commitment to you: we can help you qualify, apply and be approved for the very best mortgage for you.